… As Agency Also Receives Mandate Service Award

The League of African Development Students (LEADS Africa) has conferred the LEADS African Patriotic Personality Y2021 Internal Security Category Award on the General Manager of the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Agency (LSNA), Prince (Dr.) Ifalade Oyekan, just as the organisation also conferred the LEADS MANDATE Service Award in the Corporate Category on the Agency for its role in ensuring internal security in Lagos State.

Receiving the awards from LEADS Africa’s delegation in his office at Bolade Oshodi, Prince Oyekan, thanked the organisation for the gesture and expressed surprise at the chronicle of his activities, which the organisation pointed out informed their decision. 

Oyekan said, “I am surprised at this honour which, I actually think, belongs to my amiable Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, for his visionary leadership which threw me up and has been guiding my trail since my first appointment at Lagos State Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI). I don’t need to mention that the support of my colleagues has been responsible for every achievement of this Agency. This was underscored by the Corporate Award to the Agency”.

The General Manager stated that the awards will serve as a form of encouragement to his colleagues and all members of staff of the Agency, who will see this honour as a reason to do more and improve service delivery to the people of Lagos State.  

He also seized the opportunity to reiterate the commitment of the Lagos State Government, through the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Agency, to keep ensuring the safety of lives and property of residents.

Earlier, the leader of the delegation and General Secretary of LEADS Africa, Comrade Osisiogu Osikenyi, said the Award was bestowed on the General Manager in recognition of his steadfastness and leadership roles from the time he was at the Lagos State Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI) and now at the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Agency.

He said Prince Oyekan’s contribution to the new image of the Training Institute and the LNSA will continue to be a benchmark for future heads of the Agencies.

In his words, “Our recipient today, Prince (Dr.) Ifalade Ajasa Oyekan’s recognition was justifiably occasioned by his remarkable community development strides and innovations at various echelons of the Pan-African Development sectors, while not undermining his impressive antecedents in corporate private practice”. 

He declared that the people of the state appreciate the Leadership ability of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, especially for putting round pegs in round holes, one of which is the appointment of Oyekan, formerly as Director-General of LETI and now as General Manager of LNSA.

The League of African Development Students (known as LEADS Africa), is a youth development group with the core aim of sensitising young persons on democracy and development in Africa.

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